About Us

At Bushido Hombu we offer over 30 years of knowledge and experience in Karate. Memberships are available for clubs, instructors, and individuals…

What we do and how we do it…

We teach karate in order to help people achieve their personal goals, whether they be increased fitness, improved confidence, greater levels of concentration, improved discipline, to gain an increased level of personal safety or for the love of the art.

At Bushido Hombu we are not affiliated to any other organisation, nor do we follow a mainstream style (ryu).Our senior instructors have received a majority of their training in Shotokan but have enhanced this with many training methods, concepts and kata from other styles.We aim to constantly evolve our understanding of karate through training both within our group and other traditional groups.This enables us to gain better understanding of the original training methods and ensures we are not losing the essence of the art that we practice.

In line with our ethos we train in the traditional values and methods, but in an environment befitting to our modern western lifestyles.We do not follow dogma, nor force members to take on the presumed ways of a Japanese samurai.Instead we help you to achieve your goals by guiding you along your karate path rather than being an oppressive figurehead.

This means our classes may appear to be of a more relaxed nature, however the levels of respect are maintained in line with the traditions of karate.  Those who achieve higher grades will receive more information and education of these aspects of Japanese Dojos to enable them to attend courses and events hosted by other groups.

Overall we are about training in karate and making it enjoyable while achieving results.