What we offer

The karate dojo is the core offering of Bushido Hombu, but take a look through our full website as there are a number of other member benefits also available, we are more than just a karate club!

We train in an honest form of karate, termed Yanagi-do after the founder of our dojo.  With a base in the Shotokan style, we have evolved over time to see that not only is there too much variance between clubs claiming to follow Funakoshi O’Sensei’s path, but also far more legitimate aspects to karate training that mainstream clubs and associations miss.

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Price plans

We have a number of attractive price plans to suit the kind of training and commitment you want.  Whether you wish to purely train within the discipline of Karate, or you would like a wider repertoire by joining our Krav Maga and/or Yogic Arts sessions, we will have the right plan for you.

We concentrate upon covering our costs only, so our plans are cost effective and aim to give the best value martial arts in the area, while providing a high quality and honest level of instruction.

Along with our great value family plan, we also offer discounted plans for children, students and those who work in the emergency services, British forces or NHS.

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